The Modern Rules Of Air Conditioning

There’s no other circuitry to protect the capacitor so make sure you also get a protected capacitor if you have a protected capacitor again the best way not to go wrong is by exactly an exact replacement but you don’t have to I didn’t I bought one that has the exact same specs so those are the specs you need to look for these kept protected and you’ll see underneath this says.

AFC that’s part of the protection as well make sure your other capacitor has that rating on it exact same rating mind us so basically I’ll show you the other capacitor here and those are the specs actually you need to know for that to replace your capacitor here’s the other capacitor and I’ll go through those again run capacitor plus . micro farad’s plus or minus.

so it’s actually it’s actual tolerance is a little tighter than the other one so that’s actually a good thing then we have the voltage which is says and while the other one was so this one covers that base and then you have Hertz and that’s the frequency of AC going into it well that’s what we have here in America and is the exact same spec as the other one and then we look down here it says protected and it also says okay and that is the exact same spec as the other capacitor.

The only problem I had with the the op the off-brand non-GE capacitor is that it’s not quite as big in diameter around so I have to actually modify the bracket on the AC unit to get it to fit right but it wasn’t a big deal you know you can figure out a way to do that yourself it’s just a strap anyway so okay so there’s step okay next thing you need to know say you don’t have a meter and you can’t test the actual capacitor itself you don’t want to go spend $ on a meter and or you can’t whatever really you can actually get a good idea of whether this capacitor is good or bad just by looking at the very top of it and you see here at the top of it and I’ll show you it here and get down here and focus in on it there we go okay you see how the whole top has a domed.


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