Seven Top Risks Of Vasectomy Reversal

possible outcome Diagnostics to get what you truly came into that office for which is a pregnancy alright so now we’re getting into preparation what does a guy got to do to get into the operating room and have as best an outcome as possible.

so if you smoke stop it’s terrible it’s reverse vasectomy terrible for sperm is terrible for babies it’s terrible for everything and that is your public service announcement on quitting smoking don’t do it if you exercise keep doing it I love it I’m going to get questions about is it okay for my husband to keep riding his bicycle for the most part bicycles and fertility are fine unless you’re riding.

miles a day or miles a week and you’re developing saddle numbness and difficulties achieving directions from penile numbness for the most part most of us recreational cyclists can keep on doing that keep exercising if you don’t start pretty easy it’s good for us right if you take any blood thinners it does increase the complication rate so I like to have my men stop about a week ahead of time especially some of the newer agents that are anti platelet blood thinners those are harder to test for it does make the procedure a little bit more conflict complex complicated and increases your risk of post-operative.

sperm they can only be used for insemination or IVF depending on how much you bank and so that’s going to be a discussion you’re going to have to have with your future partner that you’ve had a vasectomy good news you’ve got sperm at the bank bad news is she’s going.


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